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It is from that research that I help people overcome obstacles to achieve. I do this by teaching the 3Ds. Highlighting the importance of making a DECISION, to possess DESIRE and to have DETERMINATION.


The 3DS are helping corporations and school

students to become more inspired.

They help by changing people’s mindset,

building resilience and improving performance.



My purpose is to provide you with inspiration. To remind you, that you can overcome adversity and achieve.


By adversity, I mean the obstacles that can stand in the way of you achieving your potential.

During the past 3 years I have interviewed people from around the world who have:


  • Overcome living in hospital for 11 years to coach Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.
  • Overcome self-confidence and fear to create amazing businesses.
  • Come from broken homes to break world records.
  • Overcome alcohol addiction to create incredible charities.
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We all face challenges don’t we? Mine however were nothing out of the ordinary, they happen to everyone at some point. The problem was they hit me in succession within a few short weeks. I was due to be engaged at Christmas 2012, but it was called off, a couple of days later my grandmother quickly became ill and died. My successful business that helped young unemployed people back into work failed due to funding cuts. Then just when I thought things couldn't get any worse my dad was diagnosed with cancer!


As people, we have a decision to make, whether we sink or swim? Maybe it was the realisation of how we all walk the thin line between happiness and despair, knowing that in an instant, things can veer drastically one way or the other.

The question I asked was - How do people overcome adversity?


This question led me on my own journey, searching for stories that have opened my eyes to a world of incredible people.


The result is everything you see on the pages of my book, my contribution to help show and share real life stories and events that hopefully will inspire you to believe that you too have the potential to achieve anything.


The amazing true stories I encountered include those people:

  • Who have created charities that have changed lives.
  • Who have overcome anorexia to become amazing entrepreneurs.
  • Who have lived in poverty, who now work with Prime Ministers.


Listening to the stories of so many incredible people has helped me to formulate six key steps that can help you come out of the worst times and choose the life you desire.


As part of my journey, I have spoken to people in the US, Kenya, India and the UK.


I have interviewed people who were born with a debilitating disability, paralysed in the prime of their lives, diagnosed with cancer and engulfed by addiction.


What I learned is that even through adversity, inspiration can
be found.





Picture of Antonystagg.coms book If I can do it you can too.

"Reading this book will melt your heart and inspire you into believing anything is possible."


Jack Canfield,


The Success Principles.

Conquer adversity. DREAM BIG

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